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Photo by Les Chatfield CC by 2.0, modified. Links have been the lifeblood of search engine optimization for a long time. Ever since Google cofounder Larry Page invented PageRank back in the late 90s, links have been a primary way search engines determine rankings. Still today, getting quality inbound links from other websites aka backlinks is a crucial SEO ingredient - if they are obtained naturally, safely within search engine guidelines. In this lesson, youll get to use two free SEO link tools that will help you identify links, AND youll learn.: Why high-quality backlinks are so valuable. How to develop a link earning rather than link building strategy. What kind of backlink to avoid. How to attract links that increase your sites link popularity and rankings. What Are Backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links excluding ads that point from another website back to your own.
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Get stockist links. Utilize existing memberships. Pitch link roundups. The Skyscraper Technique. The Skyscraper Technique is where you find content with lots of backlinks, create something better, then ask everyone linking to the content you improved to link to you instead. How to do it. You first need to find pages with lots of backlinks. To begin, search for a phrase related to your topic in Ahrefs Content Explorer and set the referring domains filter to a minimum of 50. This will show you pages with backlinks from 50 websites. Its then simply a case of analyzing the content and thinking about how to improve it. Here are some of the best ways to improve content.: Correct inaccurate or misleading claims. This is arguably the best way to improve content, as nobody wants to link to something misleading. If the content in question is only skimming the topics surface, go deeper and explain things in more detail. Explain it better. Using graphics, videos, or whatever you need can help the reader understand things easier. For example, Neil Patels page about long-tail keywords has backlinks from 1.1K referring domains.:
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These methods provide value to both websites. For example, if you ask other websites to create content for their website to get backlinks to your website, then most websites will be okay to give you backlinks for good quality content on their website. You can find guest blogging opportunities by typing the topic that you want to write and then Write for us. Screenshot by author. Guest blogging can take a lot of work because it requires you to create content on other websites and find websites for guest posting. But still, guest blogging is one of the best ways to build backlinks. If you know how to create engaging and informative infographics. Then you can create infographics that help the audience understand complex things. If your infographics are helping the audience, then other websites will also want to use them to provide value to their audience and give backlinks to the original website. Most people sometimes dont understand something with only text. So creating an infographic is a great way to explain difficult concepts easily.
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To get started, research and gather data for the content. Then find someone to make your content visual. Theres a misconception that creating an infographic is expensive; that'snot' always the case. Figure on anaverage price between $150 and$300. Assuming you may earn 10 backlinks perinfographic, you'll' be paying$15 per link. For fivebacklinks, the price will be $30 perlink. Thats very cheap for backlinks earned through webmaster moderation. And if your infographic goes viral. you win even more. Try using Dribble to find designers with good portfolios. Contact them directlyby upgrading your account to PRO status, for just $20 a year. Then simply use the search filter and type infographics. After" finding someone you like, click on hire" me" and send amessage detailing your needs and requesting a price. Fiverr is another place to find great designers willing to create inexpensive infographics. Next, once the infographic is ready, you needto make it easy for others to share it. To do this, create your own embed code using Siege Media generator. Onceeverything is in place, and your infographic shines on your website, its time to distribute it. There are numerous infographic directories where you can submit yours.
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This type of free link building can take a good amount of time and networking, but it can also pay off hugely in the form of free high-quality backlinks. Dont put it up on your site, shop it around for guest blogging instead.If your content is good enough, you will be able to find guest posting opportunities in exchange for a free backlink to your own site. This is also time consuming, so be sure you read our article on guest post outreach with templates to make sure youre maximizing your chances of success. However you decide to go about it, content marketing guest blogging aretime consuming yet effectivefree SEO techniques to get free backlinks for your website. Spy on the Competition. Spying on competitors backlinks isone of our favorite waysto create backlinks free. First, head over to Google and search for thetop ranking websites for the keywords you want to rank for. Put their websites into Ahrefs or an Ahrefs alternative marketing tool. Once you have their site pulled up, go check theirbacklink profile. Look for the mostrelevant, high quality links that you would also like to have.
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And its a strong part of my overall affiliate SEO strategy for success. However, this method also works for any other type of site as well. Just link out the other websites and then inform them that theyve been featured. Some site owners will give you a reciprocal link in exchange for free because its good publicity for them. Publish More Evergreen Content. If you want to get more natural backlinks without working hard for them, then the best approach you can take is to publish more evergreen content. Unlike jumping on the latest news and trends as mentioned in tip 2 above, evergreen content includes timeless information and is relevant for a long period of time. This allows your web pages to attract an endless supply of natural backlinks as new sites discover and link to your content. Evergreen content should be a big part of every SEO content marketing strategy so you can continue to build authority for your website and generate compounding traffic over time. Produce Original Research for Links. Want to know how to get high quality backlinks in the most authoritative way?
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Good backlinks support the ranking position of your website as well as its visibility to new users. Learn everything you need to know about getting and maintaining quality backlinks with the topics below.: What are Backlinks? Benefits of Backlinks for Your Website. How to Get Backlinks. Tools for Building Backlinks to Your Website. Important Components of Quality Backlinks. What are Backlinks? Image via Unsplash by mjessier. A backlink is a link used to connect one website to another. For example, another website may include a link to one of your blog posts related to their particular message. This is considered a backlink, also referred to as an incoming link or an inbound link. When another website uses an external link to connect to your website, your website now has a backlink from the other site. The two basic types of backlinks are as follows.: Nofollow backlink: This type of backlink uses a Nofollow tag to inform search engines to ignore the link. Nofollow backlinks do not provide value to either site and are not typically considered helpful in supporting your SEO efforts. Dofollow backlink: A Dofollow backlink is the ideal type of backlink you want for your website.
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The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding New Clients for Freelancers Agency Owners. How to Create SEO Reports for Clients FREE TEMPLATE. Step Up your game. Sign Up to receive expert content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and digital PR tips in your inbox! FOLLOW TCF ON SOCIAL. n yt, n n t, n n in, n n data-custom-networks." Getting backlinks to your website is an important part of any decent SEO strategy. Spreading your link juice all over the web is a good way to consistently drive traffic to your blog or site over time. But if you dont want to use shady private blog networks PBNs or purchase backlinks - and you shouldnt, because buying backlinks is a blackhat technique that can earn you a manual penalty - what can you do? The answer, of course, is to do it yourself - its not as difficult or time consuming as you may think. Here are 10 tips on how to get backlinks to your site that anyone can try.:
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When you produce quality content, people will link back to it! For example Ill link to this article now - - because its a quality piece about marketing your blog the right way. Its right in line with the story of this article, so Ive linked to it. Ryan has no idea Im even linking to this article of his, hes earned the backlink because he produced a high quality piece of work! SEO Expert Anthony Gaenzle had this to say.: Spot on Anthony! More comments from both Ryan and Anthony.: Well known online marketer Stewart Gauld makes a good point.: Dont forget to network with the right people - a good network of like minded people can be a great boost when it comes time to get good, useable backlinks. I think the summary point being made by the experts is that the game now is.: quality content showing people how it can add value to them more high quality backlinks better results on Google. Lets think of some examples to help get your creative juices flowing for your own websites, normal everyday businesses.:
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Its a platform that provides journalists and bloggers with sources for news and stories. To use HARO, sign up as a source from its homepage and then select a pricing plan you can use the free basic plan to get started. Once youve signed up, youll start receiving emails from HARO containing requests from different news and media websites for a quote, advice, tips, stories and more. Respond to the queries that are relevant to your business and if your answer gets picked up, youll end up receiving a backlink from the news website. Start Guest Blogging. Guest posting is an excellent way to get backlinks for your website and is a tried and tested strategy. You can reach out to different sites that accept guest blogs and submit a post. Many websites offer a contributor account or a write for us section where anyone can write an article and get featured on the site. They even let you link to your site, either in the author bio section or within the text of the content. You can find guest blogging websites by simply running a search on Google.
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According to HubSpot, 97 or more inbound links are grabbed by those websites who have the habit of blogging on a regular basis. Also, there are no proper methods to get quality backlinks from authority websites, but I can give you some tricks from which you can build up a repo and then on that basis you can get quality backlinks. If you are a new blogger, then it becomes next to impossible to get backlinks. But also, you need to understand the fact that you have to really patient as this is a gradual process. So once you get into that process, you will start seeing the results in a while. Here are some tricks to build quality backlinks form authorized websites. Go for online Public Relations. Infographics gaining popularity. Skyscraping the content. Here are some tricks to build quality backlinks form authorized websites. Guest blogging is nothing but contributing articles for other websites for free. This is a good chance where you can tell others that you are the expert in your field. So when you are writing content for another website, you can exchange a backlink for your own website.

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